Top WePlay AniMajor players

It is time to analyze the final tournament statistics. For the WePlay AniMajor results we have updated the rating concept. Now the quality of play is measured with more universal and precise formulas which allowed us to create a full-fledged overall animajor 2021 ranking. In this article you can see our scores and see which players were the best in the tournament.

How the rating works

Players are rated for each card based on how far they outperformed the average for heroes in the 5000 MMR or more publically. For example, if a Doter makes twice as many kills on the middle Lina as the average Lina in the middle during the same amount of time in a 5000 MMR publically, then his kills score is 2. At the end of the map we take all the player’s stats, substitute them into the formula and get a score – a numerical representation of the quality of play. Formulas are different for different types of players. At the end of the tournament for each player we take the average of all scores, as well as their median. The average of these two numbers = the rating of the player for the championship.

The rating even takes into account details such as:

  • Allied treatment bonus for core positions – enough to mark a useful action, and not too much so that a Centaur with 200 hill points in an hour does not score too much.
  • A ceiling on maximum KDA – so that players with few kills per map don’t get a huge gap.
  • Limitations on damage to towers and cures – so you can’t have heroes with too low a bar in the public.
  • Level of opponents in different stages of the tournament: for the same indicators in Wild Card, group and in different stages of play-offs a player will get different marks.

This gives the best estimation of the player’s performance. You can read more details about the rating principles and changes in other materials.

Overall Top of the Best

  • XinQ;
  • NothingToSay;
  • YawaR;
  • Abed;
  • Ame;
  • Arteezy;
  • Cr1t-.

PSG.LGD is out of competition in the majors. Six first lines: four in the tables by role, one more each in the list of the supporters and in the overall top. The exception was Ame – number two. But he also played very cool and made it into the top five in the tournament. In terms of total ratings, Team Xiao8 with a 7.00 confidently beat everyone at WePlay AniMajor: EG had a 6.49 and the rest had a maximum of 5.69. It’s scary to imagine PSG.LGD’s form at Inte if, according to their offleader, their level of readiness for TI is now zero. You can follow the news of the next tournaments on specialised websites.